Audited By AKC

Available Pups

I am audited by AKC (American Kennel Club)  They do a thorough inspection of all living areas of the dogs and puppies. Also, my neighbor is a vet that has viewing access to all of my property also.

Sidney has a white with apricot spot, male maltipoo that is currently available.
Pooodle pup are due to be born in April 2020.

We raise poodle and maltipoo pups in a home environment.
Price is from $1,200 - $1,400. Non refundable Deposit is $400 paid thru paypal, Zelle, or mail.
Puppies stay with me until they are at least 8 wks old or longer.
Current videos on FB at hiltons poodles plus and maltipoos

What you need to know before placing a deposit on my puppies.
I take deposits after the pups are born and I see that they are healthy. Through videos I do weekly, you are able to watch your pup develope and grow from birth to 8/9 wks of age. In placing a deposit on a new born pup, there is no way I can, nor will I ever, tell what color their eyes, nose, pads of their feet, coat texture and curliness of their hair will be when grown. Likewise we wont know adult size, but will tell the parents grown size, and personality at birth. If you have specific colors, size, and markings, then my advise is to seek out a puppy that is over 8 wks of age. What I do for my customers is give them the experience of watching a new born pup grow, how they are socialized, and play with each other.

​Under 8 lbs

​Under 8 lbs

Sidney is an apricot toy poodle that was bred to a maltese, Rocky for maltipoo pups. 
One male maltipoo pups available. Born on February 28, 2019.
$1,200 Taking deposit of $400 now