About Me

Over the years, as a dog breeder, I have learned a mountain of information about our canine friends. Some of which came to me instinctually, some I have read in books, and other important information came from classes I have taken in dog training.

What I do with the pups:
I started some years ago with what I call "imprinting." I knew that when a foal, baby horse, is born, the owners immediately rub the foals' hooves, ears, and it's entire body "imprinting" on the colt/filly that human touch is not threatening. 

When the pups are new born, I play with their feet, touch them with the grooming clippers so that they can feel the vibration and smell the oil of the clippers, lay them on their backs, and much more. I do this every day along with other things I do with them as they get older.


Prices are from $900 to $1,400.
Maltipoo pups are $1,200 and $1,400.

Puppies that stay with me past 9 weeks of age because of a scheduling issues on your part, will be charged a boarding fee. $100 weekly. If I feel like the pup needs to stay with me past 9 weeks of age, there is no charge.
​Nonrefundable deposit is $400 and can be paid thru PayPal, Zele, or mailed to me. No pup is held without a deposit.
My email is [email protected]